Radiology Care for Kids Is Enhanced with New Collaboration Between Nemours and Acumen Medical Imagin

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November 13, 2018

Acumen Medical Imaging and Interventional is a multi-specialty radiology practice and the leading provider of medical imaging services in the Pensacola region for over 50 year. The practice has long served patients at West Florida Healthcare.  Recently Nemours Children’s Specialty Care moved on to the campus of West Florida Healthcare, opening the door to this collaboration between Acumen and Nemours.


Nemours pediatric radiologists, who are all fellowship trained, and are experts in the unique imaging needs of children, will work alongside the team at Acumen to elevate the standard of pediatric radiology care in the region. Nemours radiologists will assist with image interpretation, helping to optimize protocols and procedures, including radiation dose optimization to deliver the best images possible at the safest doses, and will help train and equip radiology technologists to provide top-level care, safety, and comfort to pediatric patients.



“A child’s body is not the same as an adult’s. Their anatomy changes with time and different diseases affect children than adults, which is where the expertise of radiologists who are specifically trained to care for kids is especially important. We are very excited and proud to be partnering with Acumen Medical Imaging and Interventional to elevate the quality of medical imaging care provided to the children in the panhandle,” said Dan Podberesky, MD, Radiologist-in-Chief of Nemours Children’s Health System.



The vast majority of patients who need health care will need an imaging study at some point. Nemours offers a 24/7/365 radiology program and can read images anytime, day or night, any day of the year. Nemours Children’s Health System has 35 radiologists and is one of the largest and busiest pediatric radiology departments in the country. One of the benefits of having a large pediatric health system that is connected electronically via the ‘cloud’ is that complex imaging can be sent to off-site subspecialized pediatric radiologists with expertise in that specific exam or body part. What does that mean? For example, a brain MRI performed in Florida can be read by a Board-Certified, dual fellowship trained pediatric neuroradiologist in Delaware within minutes allowing appropriate therapy to be initiated rapidly. 


West Florida Healthcare is starting to see more pediatric patients with a wider variety of imaging abnormalities, and this partnership between Acumen Medical Imaging and Interventional and Nemours is critical to ensuring timely top quality care.


“The opportunity to expand our collaboration with Nemours and Acumen Medical Imaging and Interventional is an extension of our mission, and we are excited to bring forward high quality, cost effective healthcare in the communities we call home,” said Carlton Ulmer, President and Chief Executive Officer for West Florida Healthcare.We are all dedicated to continuous quality improvement initiatives which challenge our teams to strive for excellence in developing highly reliable processes that ensure we are delivering the highest and safest level of care possible.”

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