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Lessons in Old-School Marketing for Your Gulf Breeze, FL Business

Marketing teams have long been preoccupied with discovering innovative and creative ways to get the word out about their brands. But a new trend has emerged - old-fashioned marketing. With so much digital marketing overwhelming us daily, businesses are finding that the old ways are capturing people’s attention now. So here are some tips from the Gulf Breeze Area Chamber of Commerce to help you navigate this competitive and ever-changing business world.


What Is It?


Old-fashioned marketing is about doing things the non-digital way, such as offering free promotions, product giveaways, and discounts, and running contests on social media platforms. Sometimes it almost seems so simple that it’s genius! 


It can be a billboard, direct mail coupons for discounted services, or flyers put up around town. It’s sending a card or postcard to customers to remind them of your business or to offer them new products or services. You can also use this card to remind them of appointments months in advance. It’s asking your customers for referrals, expanding into new markets, and handing out a business card everywhere you go. You can save money by creating your own business cards online with a customizable template. You can upload designs like your logo, choose colors and fonts, and insert whatever text you like. Then print them at home more inexpensively than going to a printer. 


You can become an active networker by giving lectures or participating in local charitable events. Depending on what you sell, that might be local business associations, sports organizations, consumers, or parent groups. Keep in mind, though, that you’re not there to sell, just to get your name and face recognized. And you’re not just appealing to the older demographic with those old-school marketing techniques. It could be that we’re all ready to slow down just a little. 


It’s All About Your Brand


Your brand is a set of values, qualities, and characteristics that represent your core business philosophy. Look for new and creative ways to make yourself stand out from the sea of other brands. A brand is an identity that sets itself apart from the competition and sparks a connection with its audience.


One of the best avenues for achieving this is through developing a branded logo.

When you create something that stands out and catches people’s attention, more people will be drawn to it. A great brand will usually have a great logo.


Creating a great design can be hard, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming

Start with one idea and work on different variations of that idea until you find something compelling. Keep it simple with one primary shape. Create as many versions of your concept as necessary and consider using a color scheme as part of your brand. 


You should then contact an experienced graphic designer who can help with everything from the initial brainstorming session all through the process. When you're communicating with a web designer, graphic designer, or marketing professional about design ideas, you may want to compress JPG files, like images of your products, to make them easier to email. However, compressing a JPG file can degrade image quality. Instead, use a JPG-to-PDF converter to turn images into PDFs to preserve the image's quality.


However, if you need a way to convert PDF to jpg to make changes or to use the file in a different context, there are conversion tools for that, too. Simply select the files you want to convert, and select jpg on the File Type options. Save the file and you’re ready to embed, post, and print!


Those old-school marketing tactics worked well for a very long time and helped create much of the wealth that exists in the world today. Try it yourself and you may just be surprised at the power they still have in today’s business. 


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